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Are you brave? Are you a Dust fan? Are you ready to build and expand your local community?

Then you should become a Dust Commando!

Commando Dust system aims at promoting Dust 1947 by selected highly motivated individuals. Their mission is to organize demo games, tournaments and local play groups. Their field of battle – local gaming stores, conventions, player communities, their friends and family. Everyone loves Dust, simply not everyone is playing 😉 YET!

With your help we can expand and make Dust 1947 even more popular than it is already.

Are you up for the task? Maybe you have some questions? Send us an email at -commando@warfactory.eu

Before officially becoming a part of the Commando you must prove yourself worthy – Commando program is based upon a system of ranks that show your dedication to the cause and provide prize for the most experienced of you.

-Number of Commandos in each country is limited by number of players or geographical reasons (no point in having 2 members in a small city). – No only demos and tournaments are to be organized. Painting competitions, modeling events etc. can also be accepted after contacting with HQ.

1. Corporal Rank Requirements:
-16 years +
– Demo Days/Dust Days at local conventions/gaming club/LGS
– Organizes at least 1 demo per month
Reward – You’re in! Now the real adventure begins 😉 And you get a Commando Dust shirt to look PRO!

2. Sergeant Rank Requirements:
– At least 5 months of active duty
– Painted demo forces for 2 different blocks
– Minimum of 4 active players in the area of operations
– At least 1 local tournament organized, with min. 6 participants
Reward – permanent discount on tournament packs and terrain elements

3. Lieutenant Rank Requirements:
– 2 Demo Days monthly (for at least 6 months prior)
– 1 organized tournament for at least 10 persons
– At least one presentation of Dust organized individually at local convention
Reward – permanent discount at Warfactory shop + shop credit earned for organized events:
– 5 euro for at least 2 hour demo day with minimum 1 new person arriving
– 10 euro for a tournament with less than 8 players
– 20 euro for a tournament with more than 8 players

4. Captain Rank Requirements:
– At least 12 months of active duty
– Active leader of a big regional/country group
– Organizes national championship
– At least 4 local tournament organized during tour of duty
– Organized and led to finale a local campaign made by himself or based on Endless War scenario for at least 5 months.
Reward – (Top Secret)