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Baratheon Heroes II [PL]

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Warning! This is polish version of the box! All miniatures are like original ones and cards are in 2021 edition – but all language elements Polish!

Though Renly might be the younger of the Baratheon brothers looking to lay claim to the Iron Throne, it doesn’t mean he has any less conviction to go and take it. He has collected his forces and headed to the field of battle, even if it means diving House Baratheon between those loyal to him and those loyal to King Stannis.

The Baratheon Heroes #2 box set for the Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives House Baratheon players eager to see Lord Renly on the Iron Throne a bunch of new options for their forces. With new Attachments, NCUs, and new choices for their army Commander, the set is a great way for players to customize their forces to fit their own particular playstyle.