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Luftwaffe Support Weapons


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Once they’ve jumped, Paratroopers of the Luftwaffe need as much heavy support as possible. One of the easiest ways is to drop dedicated support units that have the tools to deal with anything the guys already on the ground might encounter. These specialized squads are equipped with heavy weapons that greatly enhance the offensive capabilities of Fallschirmjäger formations. This reference will allow you to assemble the two following units: – the Fallschirmjäger Laser Gun Squad can destroy on all types of enemy armored target at a safe distance. – the Fallschirmjäger Missile Squad also allows your forces to engage armored targets from a relative safe distance, but is also very efficient against infantry and has amazing accuracy. – the Fallschirmjäger Mortar Squad can easily suppress enemy infantry or cover the battlefield with smoke to disrupts incoming enemy fire. – and the Fallschirmjäger Observer Squad is key to provide artillery support to your force, in conjunction with the Mortar Squad.

This Luftwaffe support set contains:

  • Mortar Squad

  • Laser Cannon Squad

  • Missile Squad

  • Observer Squad

This reference comes with four Dust 1947 unit cards. 

Caution! New quality miniatures! Dust 1947 models are no longer primed. These miniatures will arrive assembled for you.