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The P-48 is a fighter / bomber / ground attack plane, depending on its variant. It can fulfill close air support missions and still engage the enemy fighter cover when it arrives. Its bombs are deadly against any ground target and are pretty efficient: Allied pilots have been using them since 1942. They know how to make the most of them. The latest variant is the Tornado, whose role is heavy armor hunting, and it’s pretty good at it thanks to its Phaser guns.


Please note that the Thunder and Storm variants benefit from the newly improved cards that include the Bombing Run Skill.



An Aircraft with this skill who also has all its Limited Ammo Weapons remaining can decide to execute a Bombing Run Attack or Bombing Run Sustained Attack in place of a regular Attack or Sustained Attack. The Aircraft can’t use any other Weapon during a Bombing Run.

The Bombing Run Attack (or Sustained) uses up all the Limited Ammo Weapons at the same time but these can target one or four squares.

If the Player chooses to target four squares, he chooses a Target Point in the weapon’s Fire Arc, Range, and Line of Sight.

If you play on squares, the Area of Effect is the Target Point square plus three other adjacent squares on the play area that form a larger one of 2 by 2 squares. The Target Point can be an empty square but can’t be a square without a dot in the middle (a Structure for example). The square does not need to have a Unit in it. The three other squares are chosen by the Player making the Bombing Run and don’t have to be in Range or Line of Sight of the Limited Ammo Weapon. The squares affected must be on the same level, must have Line of Sight to the Target Point square and must be accessible by a Move from the Target Point square.

If you play without squares, the Area of Effect is centered on the Target Point and is determined by the Artillery Template.

In the case of the Thunder or the Storm, if they use all their Medium Rockets or Heavy Bombs (and no other weapon) to do a Bombing Run, these will attack four squares at the same time! Used wisely, these weapons will ravage your enemies.

This item is made of plastic and need assembly that require cement. Models are supplied unpainted. We recommend these items for modelers over 14.