1/48 BA-64B (Tamiya)


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Warning! This model kit allows you to create the „base“ of a dustified unit. It wasn’t produced by Dust Studio and can be more complicated or different quality than you are used to. It can only be a base to more „dustification“ with weapon spruces and model elements from the game itself, or will create a separate unit usable in the game. It’s made in 1/48 which is the scale used on all Dust 1947 models.

he BA-64 (БА-64, from Bronirovaniy Avtomobil, literally „armoured car“) was a Soviet four-wheeled armoured scout car. Built on the chassis of a GAZ-64 or GAZ-67 jeep, it incorporated a hull loosely modeled after that of the SdKfz 221. The BA-64 was developed between July and November 1941 to replace the BA-20 then in service with armoured car units of the Red Army. Cheap and exceptionally reliable, it would later become the most common Soviet wheeled armoured fighting vehicle to enter service during World War II, with over 9,000 being manufactured before production ended.

Dust universe version D – is a much more upgraded vehicle than it’s predecessors. Brand new machine gun increases the firepower, upgraded suspension and better engine allow for better moment, finally the new long range radio allows for artillery fire coordination. 

In this set you will find a classic scale model set, recommended for experienced modelers. As the set is not a Dust Studio product the card for it can be found in Axid Dust 1947 card set or our Dust Enlist application.