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This unending war needs new weapons! Only with the most modernequipments will the Axis be able to win the war for good. Here are all the best weapons available for infantry soldiers of this bloc.With such weapons, victory is at hand.

Each AXIS WEAPON SET 1 includes two sprue and each sprue includes:

– six Panzerfaust (two 60, two 100 and two Granate). Please note thatone of each type has the trigger in firing position
– one Sturmgewehr 47, our staple assault rifle for any Axis infantry
– one MG 48 with two magazines
– and one Combat Knife

All these weapons can be used to modify existing models, as well ascreating new ones. But they can also be used to “dust” all modelsavailable: they won’t ever look the same and gain that extra “dusty”feel your familiar with!

In the pictures section on the right of this page you’ll find what can be achieved using this sprue with an amazing kit from Tamiya in1/48th scale. As you can see they match perfectly,creating a vehicle with a unique look.

This item is made of plastic, it needs glue and assembly.

Please note that the vehicle is not included.