Kowalski’s Marauders


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Steel Guard Starter Set

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Steel Guards are some of the most formidable fighters on the planet. Their half-robotic bodies makes them very hard to kill, allowing them to gain incredible combat experience. Thanks to their inhuman strength, each one carries weapons a team of three could barely lift.

Content of the box:
– one hero: Kowalski, the Hammer
– one squad of three – Steel guard Close Combat Squad
– one Type 45 walker with pilot
– one rule booklet with the introductions rules to Dust 
– twelve Dust dice
– one tank trap
– one ammo crate
– one gaming mat
– six terrain tile
– one catalog
– 3 unit cards
– 2 sided token punch-board

– and one leaflet

Caution! New quality miniatures! Dust 1947 models are no longer primed. These miniatures will arrive assembled for you.