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CTHULHU MYTHOS CULTIST GUARDS: they are the servants of the Mythos, bringing with them the dark actions commanded by their leaders. They strike from the shadows, bringing death and destruction so that their masters’ secret plans remain hidden from their adversaries. These fanatical minions of the Great Ancients can inflict considerable damage as medium range units, armed with Thomson and support heavy machine guns.

The future of DUST 1947 is here. The new multi-option infantry units allow players to create several different units of their choice for their army.  Whether you want to deal with enemy infantry, tanks or aircraft, you will be ready to face them, head-on.

In the box you will find 6 CTHULHU MYTHOS CULTIST GUARDS miniatures and 3 CARDS:

CT118 – Cultist Fire Support Squad,
CT118a – Cultist Heavy Fire Squad,
CT118b – Cultist Kill Squad,

We recommend purchasing two boxes to be able to play all the various teams proposed in the cards.

Caution! New quality miniatures! Dust 1947 models are no longer primed. These miniatures will arrive assembled for you.