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The future of DUST 1947 is here. The new multi-option infantry units allow players to create several different units of their choice for their army.  Whether you want to deal with enemy infantry, tanks or aircraft, you will be ready to face them, head-on.

In the box you will find 8 Ninja Rifle squad miniatures and 4 CARDS:

JP152 – Ninja Execution Squad,
JP152a – Ninja Mortar Squad,
JP152b – Ninja Battle Squad,
JP152c – Ninja Fire Support Squad,

The Ninja Execution Squad: It exists primarily to provoke
the enemy’s attention and lure them into a death trap. When there are no other regular troops to do this work, they use the “Execution” tactic. They engage the enemy using their firearms forcing him to pursue, but they are an elusive target … meanwhile, the enemy is cut into small pieces by katanas. More effective close combat ninjas spring into action.

Ninja Mortar Squad: Like all armies, Ninja need to have effective squads against infantry units as well as armored vehicles. Ninja Mortar Squads are armed with two close range phosphorus grenade launchers. With their equipment they can easily eliminate many types of targets and are lethal in close combat.

Ninja Battle Squad: effective against entire infantry units and on average against armored vehicles. With their equipment they can easily eliminate enemy infantry units and give some support against armored vehicles, perhaps giving a final blow, they are lethal in close combat.

Ninja Fire Support Squad: With their firearms they can be a big problem for entire enemy infantry units, with their equipment they can easily eliminate from a distance, they are lethal in close combat.

It is advisable to purchase two boxes to be able to play all the various teams proposed in the cards.

Caution! New quality miniatures! Dust 1947 models are no longer primed. These miniatures will arrive assembled for you.