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2 support squads dedicated for Ninja forces of IJN.

Ninja Sniper Team: Although they spend years training to be the best hand-to-hand combat fighters on the planet, the Ninjas know that the mission above all is sacred and use every tool in their arsenal to accomplish the will of the Emperor. If it means dealing with the enemy from a safe distance, unseen, and then disappearing without a trace, so be it. This method of waging war is the essence of the Ninja.

Ninja Observer Team: With the ongoing Endless War shaking up the world, enemies of the Imperial Japanese Navy have forgotten that the mission of the Ninjas was not only striking at the head, but also spying and observing. Heir to this long tradition, the Observer Teams of the Ninjas are the eyes and ears of the furious firepower of the Navy’s artillery. Their stealth is unparalleled, and they very well may be the deadliest Ninjas on a battlefield.

Caution! New quality miniatures! Dust 1947 models are no longer primed. These miniatures will arrive assembled for you.