Purifier/Eradicator conversion set


Artikelnummer: DA028

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The servants of the Mythos forces don’t have access to the latest military technology and vehicles available to the other Blocs. They do their best to steal some, but are often stuck with equipment from the last War. Nevertheless these can be quite deadly and still do the job beautifully. With its Flamethrower and Machinegun, the Purifier can take on any ground target on the battlefield. The Eradicator is the Cult’s scouting vehicle, finding the enemies of the Mythos wherever they might hide: a simple and straightforward Vehicle, it’s great to capture and hold Objectives or to distract your opponent from more serious threats

This resin conversion set allows you to assemble either the Purifier or the Eradicator using the 1/48 scale ACE MODELS: BA-20 or the UM MODELS: BA-10 (not supplied). An easy conversion to execute even for beginner modelers, to get an awesome miniature! Please note that this set also includes the two Dust 1947 Unit Cards for these models.

The required model kit can be found on our site. 

Model supplied unpainted. We recommend this model for modeler over 14