Wrecker/Demolisher/Obliterator Kit


Artikelnummer: K-ME700

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Mercenary walkers are made of whatever the Sisters can get their hands on. But thanks to the
top mechanics in their ranks, they make some of the most awesome war machines on the
The Wrecker is a dedicated anti-aircraft walker made from SSU and Axis parts, with a
Mercenary twist.
The Demolisher has identical weapons, plus a little extra, and is the personal mount of ace
Mercenary pilot Luisa.
The Obliterator also combines SSU and Axis weapons, but this time to blow up tanks! Or
anything on the ground that foolishly gets too close.
This reference allows you to assemble one of these three variants.

As with any Mercenary units, these walkers can be attached to any force in Dust 1947. Please
note that all weapons options are included in this box, as well as the pilot (in resin) and the
recoiless gun.

This reference comes with three Dust 1947 unit cards, one for each variant. This item is made
of plastic and resin and needs assembly that requires cement. Models are supplied unpainted.