Gembu/Basan Kit


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The Empire of Japan has started its VK powered walker program after every other Bloc on the planet. It therefore possess the most modern walkers, capable of holding their own against any foe. The Genbu is armed with two artillery rocket launchers, capable of delivering their payload at long range. The Basan variant is specialized in close-assault. It mounts a revolutionary Phosphorous flamethrower as well as an impressive short range heavy mortar.

This reference allows you to build one of these two variants. Please note that IJN decals are included.

This reference comes with two Dust 1947 unit cards, one for each variant, both for the IJN Bloc. This item is made of plastic and needs assembly that requires cement. Models are supplied unpainted. Please download assembly instructions from our website, in the Download section. We recommend these items for modelers over 14.

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