AB-43 LANCIAFIAMME conversion set


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The Autoblinda 43 (AB-43, Armored Car model 1943) of the Regio Esercito (Royal Army) is a light armored vehicle designed for combat recon operations and long range patrols in desert environments. Different variants built on this chassis have been in service of the Axis Army since 1941. Model 43 is equipped with a powerful flamethrower, lanciafiamme in Italian, hence the nickname of this vehicle.

This resin and plastic conversion set allows you to assemble the Lanciafiamme turret that will fit the chassis of a 1/48 scale Autoblinda AB-43 from Italeri (not supplied). An easy conversion to execute even for beginner modelers, to get an awesome miniature! Please note that this set also includes the Dust 1947 Unit Card for this model.

The required model kit can be found on our site. 

Model supplied unpainted. We recommend this model for modeler over 14

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