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2 in 1

Today we have something special for you 😉
The map is the same for both or these, just the rules and deployment zone changes – so you can play 2 different games without lots of changes.

Basic rules:
– Player who won the cover elements setup decides which deployment zone he will be using.
– A game should last 8 round or until one of players achieves the goal of the scenario.
– You can do that at the end of round 3 or any further round.
– Ground units In range 1 decline control of scenario objectives (tank traps and ammo boxes in scenario 2).
– If both players completed the objective in the same round continue the game until only one of them wins the scenario or time runs out.
– In case of time out calculate victory points for destroyed enemy units. Player who eliminated more enemy units wins the game.
– Use 2 tank traps and 4 ammo boxes in both scenarios. These can be placed anywhere on the board – apart from impassible terrain (they grant no additional cover to building cover save if placed inside structures or on trees).
– The scenarios were designed to be played with 50 to 75-point armies.
Scenario 1 – Get Behind Their Backs!
You win if you claimed the objective point on the opposite side of the map from your deployment zone.

Scenario 1
Scenario 2 – Get Cover or Get Hit
In this scenario you place cover elements ONLY on your opponent’s half of the map (the gaming mat where he deploys). To win you need to control at least 4 out of 6 cover elements placed on the map (tank traps or ammo boxes).

Scenario 2