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Armies of Dust – The Allies


Allies – pushed out of Europe and besieged on many front (also in the continental US) seem to be the weakest of the blocks at the moment. 1947 enemy offensives led to loosing UK isles (desperate defense keeps enemy at bay at Hadrian’s Wall). That loss had a strong effect on the alliance, leading to nervous situations and increased tensions between Allies. Each participant wants freedom and safety for their own country. And these are hard to come by during hard months of 1947..
One of the most important assets of the Allies is their industrial base. It allows to negate the Axis tech superiority with sheer number of vehicles produced. Thanks to it Allies keep the biggest air fleet on the planet, allowing them to supply units fighting in full encirclement.


Main advantage od Allied army is it’s high mobility (rocket packs for armor 3 units) and versatility (most medium vehicles have at least 2 machine guns allowing to easy eliminate enemy infantry). They are also the only force to field huge vehicles (4 field walkers!) and have a great amount of specialized infantry units (Marines are the most “infantry powerfull” faction in the game). Allies secret weapon – phaser gun hits targets with condensated energy voltage, ignoring cover.
Devastator 2
Operation Babylon brought Marines into the Middle East. Those unit rely on heavy walker support and lightly armored infantry. These units carry a lot of firepower and are able to give the enemy a lot of hurt in short time.