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Christmas Scenario 2016

Dark, cloudy night shrouded Axis armored column. Oberleutnant Kreuzer was watching his men from nearby dune, right next to old stone road. Trough the darkness of the night he could barely see the salutes of his powerful walkers striding next to two Opel Blitz trucks and two armored infantry carriers. Two Heinrichs were walking just next to heart of his unit – huge Stormkonig . Suddenly the calm of their patrol was interrupted by strange sound…
– TING, TING, TING! – could be heard over the sands of Babylon.
– Verfluchte! –Kreuzer shouted.– It’s this ferdamt Ubermensch again! Having fun with us! Commence firing sequence, fire at will! –  powerful Stormkonig legs made huge markings on the stone when developing and stabilizing the heavy Walker. 
In the same moment Kreuzer heard a strange laughter.
–What the … Is this madman laughing from us with „Ho Ho Ho”?
Sturmkonig’s radar system starter working. Crew quickly marked the target, re positioned the machine and opened fore into the darkness od the night. Heavy 12 cm anti-air rounds started shredding the sky, lighting it up like it was bright daylight. Suddenly one of them hit something that started coming down fast leaving behind a line of fire.
– Got you bastard! – Someone from infantry unit shouted.
– He seems quite a big, for one Yankee in leather jacket…– Kreuzer looked closely at the falling target and for a moment thought he sees a sledge …
– Move it! Secure the surrounding terrain and sent a recon group to the crash site! Whatever we brought down – I want it!

Frakking Germans took down Santa! As a superhuman he should be OK soon and be on his way, but what with the present for company commander? Bulldog soap dish won’t be waiting! Mission is simple, enemy is trying to capture as many presents as he can, we must capture more of them first!
To capture a present, any land unit must use an action on a space marked red. To secure the present the unit needs to bring it to deployment line and use an action to secure it. Player who secures more presents in 8 turns wins. In case of a tie, calculate army points as usual. Destroyed unit loses the gift, and there is no possibility to pick it up. 2 ammo boxes and anti-tank traps are placed anywhere on the map for this mission

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