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It’s very easy to see that miniature games are full of full metal jacked heroes, ready to figh...
Marek / 8 January 2021

Mercenary Fields of Glory

Sieg Thaler, here is your one and only Lou The Rat! Today we will work with platoons from two more A...
Marek / 6 December 2020


Sieg Thaler, here is your Lou The Rat! Many beginners (but not only) look for a main motive, spirit ...
Marek / 7 November 2020

Lou The Rat Dust Platoons Overview – Part 1

Marek / 5 October 2020

October releases video

“Dust” has settled after EU Champs 2020. Victors bask in glory, while defeated generals ...
Marek / 24 September 2020

Best Armies of European Championship 2020

If someone wakes me in the middle of the night, and asks – what is the most climatic Dust army...
Marek / 20 July 2020

Happy Zombie Life!

Included in the newest 2-player starter set “Battle for Babylon” units of the United States ...
Marek / 27 May 2020

Semper Fi! How to expand USMC forces?

Article By: Balint Wojciech Lengyel New 2 player starter set for Dust 1947 is a great opportunity to...
Marek / 15 April 2020

Battle For Babylon – How to expand BK forces?

While there are plenty of choices concerning one player starer sets for Dust 1947, 2 old war-gaming ...
Marek / 29 March 2020

Battle fo Babylon has erupted!

Article by:Szczurek Lutek McGyver would be proud ! Neutral Nations Organization sadly lacks the acce...
Marek / 2 March 2020

Mercenary Times part II

During latest championship of southern Poland in Dust 1947 3 players decided to command Imperial Jap...
Marek / 26 February 2020

IJN in three flavors

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