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How this site works?

Welcome to! If you are reading these words, you are probably new here. This article will help you get starter on our site.

Let’s begin with main site, in the upper part you will find navigation tools that allow you to move around easily. Most important is the first button on the left! It’s our shop where you will find a great range of Dust miniatures. Inside you will see all the products together and an additional panel to the right. Thanks it you can limit your search to the block, or specific type of unit.

New players should set their sight on starter sets that allow you to get quickly and with ease, into the Dust world! Inside there is everything you need to start your own Dust army and even more! Great mat and terrain tiles that you will find inside allow you to take the battlefield with you – anywhere you want!


You know where to find your daily Dust deal, let’s get back to main site. In “Shipping” tab you will find details on our delivery service, especially the prices of shipping to different countries.  The third navigational button takes you to our forum – it’s mostly in Polish but we have a special “English Corner” where you will be able to discuss about Dust with other fans.


“Dustpedia” – the fourth part of our site is a special collection of articles about Dust. They are mostly in Polish but we are doing our best to bring them to you in English someday 😉

Dust is a great competitive game – 1v1 matches can be fun to play and watch. In “Tournaments” section you will find information about our local tournaments and most important international events planned in the coming months! You will also find there some pictures from events already held 😉

Last thing you can do is contact us – with any questions or requests if necessary 🙂

Now go explore our site! You won’t be dissapointed 😉