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How to start my Dust adventure?

The first step in Dust newbie is quite easy. Either you find some local players for a demo game (or you already did and go hooked up!) or grab a starter set and get into the action 🙂

Starter set rules that you will find inside are a great point to get into basic rules and grab the fluff. The units you find inside the set all differ from each other and offer a unique gameplay experience no matter which of many starter sets you choose.  Each of these is part of one of 3 big blocks that fight for the planet (or a free for everyone mercenary but that’s another topic 😉 ).

Easiest advice on which starter to pick is – choose what looks best in your opinion 😉 Being proud of the army you put on the table, and having fun with it’s aesthetics is quite important part of the fun. Not to mention it’s always easier to start another painting/modelling project on a miniature you already like. Those that cannot find anything appealing in the 3 blocks – are recommended to pick up mercenary starter set.  They can be later used as a part of any army (they just need to pay enough $) and look VERY attractive if you know what i mean 😉 More detailed description of all the fluff around each army can be found on our Dustpedia and in Dust rulebooks.

What’s also important each starter set contains a gaming mat and some terrain tiles. All you need to do is find another player with a stater set and you can start your battles!

In it’s starter version Dust is a very easy to grasp and start playing, even for the younger commanders. We eagerly promote it as a Father @ Son game ! A lot of our colleagues started their great adventure with dust in their homes, playing smaller and bigger battles with their kids! Of course that doesn’t mean the game is too easy. Tactical possibilities and additional rules you can find in full Dust 1947 rulebook make it a great position for competitive gaming.