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BP Epic Battles: Waterloo – British Starter Set

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Wellington’s British Army starter set provides a solid core of a British army serving in the Hundred Days campaign – 10 units of line infantry, 3 units of 95th Rifles, units of each type of heavy cavalry (Heavy Dragoons, Scots Greys and Household Cavalry) and light cavalry (Hussars and Light Dragoons), ably supported by 16 pieces of artillery and brigade commanders. Also included is an MDF building of La Belle Alliance Inn and a bespoke A5 softback rulebook with Napoleonic specific content.

Full Contents:

10 Units of Line Infantry
3 Units of 95th Rifles
1 Unit of Heavy Dragoons
1 Unit of Scots Greys
1 Unit of Household Cavalry
1 Unit of Hussars
1 Unit of Light Dragoons
16 Artillery Pieces
9 Brigade Commanders
La Belle Alliance MDF Scenery Piece
Bespoke A5 Softback Black Powder: Epic Battles Rulebook

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