SKU: K-AX919


The Regia Marina (Italian Royal Navy) is home to the first special forces in History and to some of the most seasoned veterans fighting for the Axis today. The Battaglione San Marco (San Marco Battalion) is one of these units and as such as been in the War since 1939. They can mostly be found around the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, where they act as a Marines unit. Some elements have even recently been deployed in the Caspian Sea near Zverograd, in an effort to take the city for good. This Assault Squad is equipped to deal with any ground threat it might encounter such as enemy infantry or vehicles thanks to its Flamethrower. Known to be robust and quick on the battlefield, the San Marco Assault Squad is justly feared among the enemies of the Axis. The squad is presented here in Zverograd camouflage pattern, as used around the doomed city circa 1947.

This squad comes with its own Dust 1947 unit card. Model supplied unpainted. We recommend this model for modeler over 14.

Dust Wisdom