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Churchill Infantry Tank

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Taking the form very reminiscent of earlier WWI tanks, the Vauxhall motors built Churchill was the basis for a slew of variants from the MkI with a 2pdr gun to the MkVII 75mm guns. Other versions would see more specialist engineering equipment added including the likes of bridging equipment and minesweeping devices – and a favoured ‘close support’ option of the 95mm howitzer!

In this new plastic kit from Warlord and Italari you’ll get 7 turret variations (yes – we said SEVEN!) allowing you to build the following marks:

MkIII – with 6pdr gun
MkIV – Cast turret with 6 pdr gun
MkV – Cast turret with 95m Howitzer
MkVI – Cast turret and Welded turret with 75mm gun
NA 75
AVRE (Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers) with 290mm Petard Mortar (aka the flying dustbin!)

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