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Combi BOX to carry foam trays for vehicles with additional 40mm deep raster foam tray



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The presented product is Combi Box dedicated for storing and carrying foam trays for vehicle models from Dust 1947. The box also contains a second upper 40mm deep raster foam trays dedicated to customise the storage space for smaller miniatures of irregular shape.


Each package includes:


1 x full-size cardboard box covered by a plastic foil;

1 x 40mm deep raster foam tray;

1 x foam layer adhered to the inside lid protecting the top of the miniatures;

2 x Velcro attachments to prevent unwanted opening of the box.


The empty space in the box is divided into 4 quarters, of which every quarter can be filled with a foam tray for walkers or vehicles of your choice which you can buy separately. This way you can easily change the configuration of minis inside and carry only the units you need for playing.


External dimensions of the box: 412mm x 275mm x 168mm.

Internal dimensions of the box: 394mm x 267mm x 164mm.

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