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Combi BOX with two raster foam trays – 100 mm deep & 40mm deep



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The presented product is Combi Box with two raster foam trays – 100mm deep and 40mm deep. 


100mm deep raster  can be used to customize the storage space for tanks, planes or large models.

Upper 40mm deep raster is dedicated to customise the storage space for smaller miniatures of irregular shape or with bits that stand out.   


Each package includes:


1 x full-size cardboard box covered by a plastic foil;

1 x 100mm deep raster foam tray;

1 x 40 mm deep raster foam tray;

1 x foam layer adhered to the inside lid protecting the top of the miniatures;

2 x foam base (bottom separation tray) to stick to the bottom of the raster foam trays;

2 x Velcro attachments to prevent unwanted opening of the box.


External dimensions of the box: 412mm x 275mm x 168mm.

Internal dimensions of the box: 394mm x 267mm x 164mm.


The raster foam tray is self-adhesive! After altering the spaces for figurines, simply take the protective paper off the underside of the foam and stick it to the bottom separation tray.


The raster foam tray is perforated into 14mm x 14mm cuboids.

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