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German Grenadiers Starter Army

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Suggested Army List;

1 Lieutenant and 2 Riflemen* (70pts).
10 man squad of regular German Grenadiers* (2x SMG, 1x LMG, 4x panzerfaust). 146pts.
10 man squad of Veteran German Grenadiers* (10x Assault rifles, 4x panzerfaust). 200pts.
10 man squad of Veteran German Grenadiers* (2x LMG, 3x SMG, 2x panzerfaust). 189pts.
Stug III Ausf G with Schürzen (veteran). 276pts.
Plastic Puma armoured car (regular). 160 pts.
Pak 40 anti-tank gun (regular). 110pts.
81mm Mortar team (regular). 50pts.
MG42 MMG team (regular). 50pts.
Units marked with an asterix (*) are to be made from the included German Grenadier sprues.

This boxed set contains;

6 plastic German Grenadier Sprues
German Heer 81mm Mortar Team
German Heer MG42 Team
German Heer Pak 40 Anti-tank Gun with Crew
Plastic Puma kit
Plastic Stug III G/StuH42 kit
Bolt Action stat cards
Vehicle damage markers
Please note that the 6 sprues of German Grenadiers contain enough components to make 36 models – so you will have 3 extra men – perhaps to create a FOO, Medic, or other additional units to further bolster your force.

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