Martel Heroes II [PL]



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Warning! This is polish version of the box! All miniatures are like original ones and cards are in current edition – but all language elements are Polish!

In southern Westeros, in the unbearable heat and harshness of the deserts and badlands,House Martell waits patiently like a coiled viper, observing and calculating moves inthe game of thrones until they find the optimal moment to strike. As such Arianne andQuentyn Martell look to forward their House’s goals with the patience of a snake settledin for a long hunt. House Dayne, led by Edric Dayne has pledged to do all they can to seea Martell on the Iron Throne. With capable commanders such as Arys Oakheart, GeroldDayne, and Daemon Sand, House Martell can be sure of many victories to come.


6 Miniatures

21 Cards:

  • 7 Attachment Cards
  • 2 NCU Cards
  • • 12 Tactics Cards

Dust Wisdom