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Maxi Bag for 6 full-size boxes (empty)



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The presented product is a specially designed bag for transporting all kinds of Safe and Sound boxes.


The Maxi Bag allows for carrying of 6 full-sized standard boxes. Furthermore, it gives you an option to exchange two standard boxes for one XL Box or three standard boxes for one Mega Box. This way you can fit your bag to the army you collect and play.


The bag is made of the highest quality materials. It has 5 short plastic legs on the base to protect your bag from getting dirty when placed on the floor or ground. The bag is also equipped with a handle and a comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap. At the back of the bag is a pocket for books and gaming accessories.


Internal dimensions of the bag: 420mm x 280mm x 340mm.

External dimensions of the bag: 440mm x 300mm x 360mm.

Dust Wisdom