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Polish TKS Tankette



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Like so many other of the world’s armies in the 1930’s Poland flirted with small tanks, unable to afford larger gun-armed tanks in quantity. When the Germans crashed over their borders in September 1939, they too arrived, we should remember, with many or mostly machine gun armed tanks with paper thin armour.

Opposing this Blitzkrieg, as it came to be known, was the stolid Polish infantryman, backed up by a few medium tanks and up to five hundred Tanketts. These were mostly used for reconnaissance, although its machine gun would be an unpleasant foe for advancing German light troops, and later on, the Poles re-equipped some with a long 20mm cannon, giving them a useful anti-tank capability.

The Tanketts therefore are not going to survive much contact with anything else than armoured cars and light tanks, but with its low silhouette and speed, it should give the Germans a shock if used en masse!

Contains one resin and metal vehicle.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted, soldier model shown for scale purposes and not included.

Dust Wisdom