R’hlorr Faithfull



Awaiting Restock

Warning! This is polish version of the box! All miniatures are like original ones and cards are in 2021 edition – but all language elements Polish!

With the Seven Kingdoms distracted by internecine war, the Kraken banner rises once more to
threaten coastlines across Westeros! The lords and heroes of House Greyjoy lead their armies to
victory in skirmishes and raids, bringing back the spoils of the fertile mainland. From Theon’s reckless
tactics to Euron’s subtle cruelty to Balon’s formidable strategies, House Greyjoy is poised to reap rewards
far beyond those ever written of in the sagas of old. With them come their loyal retainers Erik Ironmaker,
Qarl the Maid, Nute the Barber, and Maester Wendamyr, powerful champions and political players in
their own right, each ready and willing to pay the Iron Price for their lords.


7 Miniatures
36 Cards
9 Attachment Card
3 NCU Cards
24 Tactics Cards

Dust Wisdom