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Standard Box with convoluted foam inserts for infantry minis



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The presented product is Full-size Standard Box with convoluted foam inserts for storing and carrying miniatures from DUST 1947. This solution is particularly recommended for larger miniatures of irregular shape and with long weapons.


Each package includes:


1 x full-size standard cardboard box covered by a plastic foil;

2 x convoluted foam inserts. The lower foam tray is placed on the bottom of the box, while the upper foam tray is adhered to the lid;

2 x Velcro attachments to prevent unwanted opening of the box.


External dimensions of the box: 412mm x 275mm x 58mm.

Internal dimensions of the box: 394mm x 267mm x 54mm.

Between the foam trays is a 24mm gap and thanks to this minis are not squished by the foams but just gently and firmly held.

Dust Wisdom