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TinkerTurf SatComm Installation – Abandoned Theme



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The best cinematic action scenes feature giant structures with extreme verticality. The enormous SatComm Installation is worthy as the climactic set-piece location for any action franchise (RIP Arecibo). The huge dish rotates in accordance with your whims; if you‘re thinking of a Control Objective scenario where two opposing forces are trying to align it towards one of two different directions, you’re on our wavelength.

Two platforms can be attached to the structure‘s legs, and are engineered to precisely line up with any of the ramps, platforms, ladders, catwalks and bridge elevations from our other sets. Each platform attaches simply and securely to specific points on the Tower‘s support columns, so you can rearrange your level design between battles—or even adjust them during a battle, like a firefight freight elevator.

Dust Wisdom