Panzermeister Kit


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Oberst Leutnant Helmut “PanzerMeister” von Loetingen
Winterschlacht In Antarktika – 1946 (Antarctica Front Medal); Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes mit Eichenlaub – 1945 (Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves); Ehrenblatt des Heeres – 1944 (Honor Roll Clasp of the Army); Winterschlacht In Osten – 1942 (Eastern Front Medal). One of the most famous walker ace in the Axis, Helmut von Loetingen now leads the schwer Panzer Abteilung 515 (Heavy Panzer Regiment) who was deployed in Antarctica last year and recently back in Babylon, and he is in command of all Axis armored forces there. Of Bavarian lineage and from a proud military family, he is nearly as famous as General Major Walter “PanzerPrinz” von Furstenwerth, who has also been appointed to a higher position. Von Loetingen has written several inspired tactics manuals on how to operate a KampfLäufer (walker) group that have become widely known throughout the Bloc. He has started working on the next, dedicated to the extreme weather and terrain conditions that he now faces with his forces.

Please note that three different heads and two different right arms are provided for this Hero. The crate is also included.

This reference comes with its own Dust 1947 unit card for the NDAK Faction of the Axis Bloc. This item is made of plastic and needs assembly that requires cement. Models are supplied unpainted. We recommend these items for modelers over 14.

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