1/48 British 7ton AC Mk.IV (Tamiya)


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Tamiya Model Kit

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Warning! This model kit allows you to create the “base” of a dustified unit. It wasn’t produced by Dust Studio and can be more complicated or different quality than you are used to. It can only be a base to more “dustification” with weapon spruces and model elements from the game itself, or will create a separate unit usable in the game. It’s made in 1/48 which is the scale used on all Dust 1947 models.

The Humber Armoured Car was one of the most widely produced British armoured cars of the Second World War. It supplemented the Humber Light Reconnaissance Car and remained in service until the end of the war.

As the war rages on all fronts the Allies can’t just throw away old vehicles that have been outgunned by the crazy scientific advances born from the VK technology. If an old chassis is still battle-worthy, then let’s continue to use it and up-gun it so it stays relevant on the battlefield! The Humber Mk V is outfitted with a brand new Phaser Gun that can take out any armored unit on the planet. This vehicle is now issued to all Allied forces on the planet, but mostly those from the Commonwealth. The vehicle is presented here in Babylon pattern, as used in North Africa and the Middle-East circa 1947. Please note that the Premium version of this vehicle, presented here, is exclusive to Dust Elite members.

In this set you will find a classic scale model set, recommended for experienced modelers. As the set is not a Dust Studio product the card for it can be found in Dust Enslist application.  

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