About Dust

It’s 1947 and World War II is still going on!

Thanks to an extraterrestrial find, Germany gained access to unusual technology.

Battle machines and weapons powered by the new mineral VK appeared on the battlefields

Explore a world where walking combat machines, lasers and rocket backpacks are used alongside ordinary rifles!

Dust 1947 is a hybrid of a board game and a battle game. Using high-quality plastic figures, players fight battles on a board divided into squares. Marking the line of sight, the range of the shot or the possibility of movement is simple and intuitive thanks to light and transparent rules.

This set is a great starting point for a new player. Each of them offers a diverse pool of units and is assigned to one of the 6 armies currently present in the game world.

The DUST universe offers a huge variety of models – fighting armies include heroes, infantry units, walkers, planes, helicopters, tanks, artillery and more. All these units have a unique set of features and special skills that make each game unique and emotional

How to begin my dust adventure?
Starter kits