Brazen Beasts



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Warning! This is polish version of the box! All miniatures are like original ones and cards are in 2021 edition – but all language elements Polish!

The Brazen Beasts, established by Daenerys Targaryen, patrol the streets of Meereen, one of the great Slaver Cities. Their name comes from the bronze masks they wear,molded to have the visage of giant cats, raptors, and bears. Their creation helped lessen the burden on the Unsullied, who were often targets of assassination as they patrolled. The Beasts lack fear, charging at their enemies in the narrow streets, cutting them down in close combat.



  • 12 Brazen Beast Miniatures
  • Bryzen Beast Captain Miniature
  • 1 Unit Card
  • 1 Attachment Card
  • 1 Movement Tray


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