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It seems like someone left a camping site set up in the woods. The fire is burning, and the tents are pitched, but where are the campers? Only these magic trees know what has happened here. Remember, the trees in this forest have ears… and eyes.

– Universal use – Compatible with every RPG system.

– Easy assembly – Cut out and glue the parts with ease!

– Durable plastic – Magically shielded from all weather phenomena.

– Rich in details – Experience the proper ambiance of a forest.

Box contains:

3 x pine tree
3 x oak tree
3 x big grass hill
3 x medium grass hill
6 x small grass hill
2 x tent
1 x log
6 x stump
1 x fence
1 x barrier
1 x backpack
1 x fireplace
1 x drying clothes
2 x bed
1 x paper game mat

Requires manual assembly and painting.

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