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TinkerTurf Color Crates Add-on – Series 1



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No one knows what they are, or where they came from. Only one thing is certain: crates are harbingers of doom. Old soldiers become old soldiers because they heeded the whispers of the veterans who came before them: “if you suddenly notice that you’re standing in an area with a bunch of crates scattered around, safeties off: it’s about to go down.” These deadly beauties are perfect for adding a bit of dynamic danger to your battlefield. The exploding red crate, sure. Any successful hit deals damage to all nearby models. But maybe the big yellow one emits constant damage to all living models in a certain radius? Busting open the big purple crate certainly unleashes a horrifying xenomorph. That rune-covered dark one? Mind-whispers makes the nearest model turn their weapon against the closest target. Have fun coming up with ways to use these to torment and destroy. Or, simply use them as high-visibility objective markers.

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