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TinkerTurf MagLev Depot v2 – Abandoned Theme



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Tall and foreboding, the massive MagLev Depot V2 puts dramatic purpose to the industrial battlescape. The imposing structure is topped by a railed catwalk, reachable by any of four perimeter ladders integrated into the support pillars. Included ladder stands allow figures to be perched anywhere along the ascent. Underneath the span is a crane that can be moved side-to-side, sized to fit the Containers from our other sets. Two large platforms attach at either end of the structure or double-stack on one side and match the standardized heights of TinkerTurf platforms. The platforms can be re-positioned between battles (or even during a battle for dramatic effect). This is a champion-grade centerpiece of a military-industrial battlefield sure to create lasting memories of sci-fi combat.

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