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Elite officer of the Fallschirmjäger Korps of the Luftwaffe, Lieutenant Rolf Sammt has seen action since Operation Mercury, the invasion of Crete in 1941. Since then he has fought almost everywhere, mostly in the Luftwaffe Field Divisions on the Eastern Front. With the reactivation of large paratroopers formations and airborne operations, he has been recalled to full Fallschirmjäger duty, where his invaluable experience is passed along to younger generations of Axis jump troops.

This miniature come with its unit card, to use with Dust Tactics and Dust Tactics Battlefield rules.

Like all regular Dust miniatures, these are already assembled and primed. They are ready for the battlefield, or for painting, as wish! You can paint directly on them, since the priming serve as an undercoat and is compatible with any type of paint.

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