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There are many nobles in Westeros that don’t directly belong to any of the major or even minor Houses. They may have a title and some small wealth at their disposal, but they are basically landless, free to roam as they please. Setting them apart from your average vagabond is their ability to afford a suit of armor, a horse, and at least minor upkeep for both. These Hedge Knights, as they’re so known, often band together and offer their services to anyone willing to pay their price.

The Hedge Knights Unit Box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives commanders a new cavalry option for their armies. Being a Neutral unit, they will work for anyone willing to pay their price. While their armor and combat training might not be as robust as a Major House’s heavy cavalry, they are still much better than many other mercenaries are capable of providing. These troops are an easy way to bolster any battle line when necessary.

Dust Wisdom