Stony Shore Pillagers [PL]



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Warning! This is polish version of the box! All miniatures are like original ones but all language elements are  Polish!

The Kraken banner means trouble anywhere it’s seen along the Stony Shore, largely thanks to the Pillagers that swarm over villages and settlements along its length. These men move quickly, seize everything not nailed down, and kill or rout anyone that gets in their way. Once they gain momentum, they’re difficult to take down, but care must be taken to shield them from direct assaults, especially against heavily armed troops. That said, give them a flank to chew on, and the Stony Shore Pillagers won’t stop until they’ve devoured the entire enemy line.

  • RESILIENT RAIDERS: Bolster your House Greyjoy army with the relentless Stony Shore Pillagers unit.
  • HIGHLY DETAILED MINIATURES: Exquisite pre-assembled miniatures, ready for immediate play and customization.
  • SWARMING PILLAGE: The Kraken banner signifies trouble as these Pillagers swarm villages and settlements.
  • UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM: Once in motion, these fast-moving raiders are challenging to halt.
  • FLANKING FURY: Deploy them on a flank, and the Stony Shore Pillagers will devour the enemy line.

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