Stormcow Dervishes [PL]



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Warning! This is polish version of the box! All miniatures are like original ones and cards are in 2021 edition – but all language elements Polish!

These mercenaries are the hardened veterans amongst Stormcrow ranks. They are highly mobile and destroy their enemies with cunning and smart maneuvering and some financial incentives, of course.

Tactical Points

  • Try using the Dervishes’ high movement value of 6” to plan ahead and attack enemy units on the Flank to trigger their Bushwhack ability.
  • If they ever get engaged against an opponent who has higher odds of winning the dispute, use their Swift Strike ability to perform a Retreat action after attacking.
  • The Motivated By Coin ability allows the Dervishes to perform extra attacks by claiming the Wealth Zone on the Tactics board.

Dust Wisdom