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BP Epic Battles: Waterloo – French Starter Set

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Bonaparte’s French Army starter set provides a solid core of a French army fighting in the Hundred Days campaign – 10 units of line/light infantry, 3 units of skirmishing voltigeurs, units of each type of heavy cavalry (Cuirassiers, Dragoons and Carabiniers) and light cavalry (Hussars, Chasseurs a Cheval and Lancers), supported by 16 pieces of artillery and brigade commanders. Also included is an MDF building of the Dacoster House and a bespoke A5 softback rulebook with Napoleonic specific content.

Full Contents:

10 Units of Line Infantry (80 men per Unit)
3 Units of Skirmishing Voltigeurs (13 Bases of 6 men each)
1 Unit of Cuirassiers
1 Unit of Dragoons
1 Unit of Carabiniers

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