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Waffen SS Starter Army

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This boxed set contains 1,500 points of German SS-Grenadiers.

The army list can easily be reconfigured to suit your playing style and when you are ready to expand your force there are plenty of options in the ever-growing Bolt Action range of miniatures and vehicles.

Aside from the plastic and metal models shown in the list below, this set also includes Bolt Action vehicle stat cards, waterslide decals, damage markers and assembly leaflets.

Waffen-SS Army 1,500 points army list:

2nd Lieutenant & two Grenadiers* (Veteran) – 91 pts
Waffen-SS Grenadiers Squad (10)*. 10 assault rifles, 2 Panzerfausts (Veteran) – 190 pts
Waffen-SS Grenadiers Squad (10)*. 1 LMG team, 4 SMGs, 4 assault rifles, 3 Panzerfausts (Veteran) – 177 pts
Waffen-SS Grenadiers Squad (10)*. 1 LMG team, 2 SMGs, 6 assault rifles, 2 Panzerfausts (Veteran) – 196 pts
PaK 40 anti-tank gun – 110 pts
81mm Mortar Team – 50 pts
MG42 MMG Team – 50 pts
StuG III Ausf. G with Schürzen assault gun – 240 pts
Tiger I heavy tank – 395 pts

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